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Fundraising Opportunities:

The following opportunities were scheduled for Fall 2016:

  • June 25th 8am-12pm - Team Car Wash
  • July 9th 8am-12pm - Team Car Wash
  • July 12th 5pm-6pm - Pick up Product Sales Fundraisers
  • August 1st 5pm-6:30pm - Drop off Product Sales Fundraisers

Fundraising opportunities for the fall have ended but Sponsorships can still be obtained. See the fundraising coordinator for additional information.

Fall 2017 fundraising opportunities will begin immediately after the season so you can get a jump start on next year.

Fundraising Rules:

Players will be given several opportunities to conduct fundraising on behalf of the team at car washes, product sales, etc.

You can use the Fundraising you do to reduce your player fees, as follows:

  • Fundraising contributions made on behalf of a player reduces Player Fees by $0.50 for every dollar raised or earned.
  • Fundraising contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Checks from donors or sales should be made payable to HCYA.
  • These funds are contributed to FBC Football and will only be used to offset the player fees outlined above. Other fees, such as volunteer buyouts, personal equipment, concessions, etc. are excluded, and will need to be purchased separately.
  • If a player receives a contribution after he has paid his fees in full, the account will be credited but money will not be refunded until after the season, and only up to the amount the player contributed.