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What is practice like?
What is practice like?

1.) Players are expected to arrive early for practice

  • This allows players time to warm-up and stretch
  • This allows players some much needed camaraderie time
  • This allows the coaches to get setup and arrive from work
2.) Players are expected to be respectful and coachable

3.) Players are expected to set a christian example on and off the field

4.) Coaches (in addition to our core characteristics) will focus on fundamentals, technique, and execution
  • This means we will work on blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, and ball security
  • This means we will pay attention to every detail, especially, footwork, hand use, and body/head positioning
  • This means we will do drills and run plays over and over again until we don't have to think about them as much
5.) Coaches will ensure players are competing and improving
  • This means we will ensure players are matched with competitive talent level in individual drills, and teams will be competitive during team activities
  • This means we will ensure players are striving to be the best player THEY can be, not comparing them to one another
  • This means we expect players to pay attention and work hard
6.) What will we do
  • We will have dynamic stretching and warm up, players should already have stretched prior to this
  • We will conduct an individual drill period to work on fundamentals and techniques
  • We will have a team drill period to pull the fundamentals and techniques together
  • We will vary practices frequently, but most will contain all three of the elements above
  • We will also have film sesssions during the season every Monday night
7.) Practice is exhausting
  • This means that players will be tired, and have minor aches and pains after practice (and games), players and parents need to expect that and push through to continue getting in better shape
  • There is a saying that "exhaustion makes cowards out of us all", so we work to ensure players are not tired during games
  • When you are tired you make mental mistakes, so coaches work to ensure players can function even when they are tired